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Lets go on location to your favorite spot and capture YOU! Why take pictures of you dressed up in kahakis and a polo sitting on a stool with a brown back drop? If that isn’t how you normally are why do we want to capture that?! Lets capture YOU being YOU… hense “LIFESTYLE” sessions. These are great for the following photos shoot types::

Maternity :: 32-36 weeks along

Maternity session are best to photograph when the mom-to-be is 32-36 weeks along. During this time you will have developed a nicely shaped belly and hopefully won’t be to the uncomfortable stage yet.  I encourage each mom-to-be to bring along anyone who they wish to be photographed with them during this session. (i.e. husband, boyfriend, partner,  other children, etc) This session can be done outside on location or in my studio, or you can select to do both!



Birth photography is such a rewarding experience for me and for you. I generally come to the hospital or your home when you are 7cm dilated (sometimes sooner depending on progression). I’m open to photographing anything and everything you wish to be photographed. My approach is more of the fly on the wall perspective. I do not want to be in the way of your doctor or you! There is just something about giving birth and being able to see the images of all the things you didn’t see going on during labor!


Newborn :: 7-10 days new

My approach to newborn is different than most. I prefer to come to your home and photograph you and your family in the element of “new”. I would love to hang out for an hour or more and capture you interacting with your new bundle of joy. During this time I may photograph the family, baby, or baby in different spots around the house. I really enjoy the “lifestyle” approach to newborn photos rather than having them completely posed.

I also offer Birth Photography. If this is something you might be interested in please contact me for more information


Family & Children :: never to young or to old

Family and children photography is fun. As a mom I know how important it is to capture life before it goes by to quickly. When capturing families and children I often travel to a favorite location, family cabin, old barns, sports complex or a local favorite hot spot. I work closely with you and your family to select the perfect location for your photos. After All you will be hanging these on your wall and looking at them daily, so you just gotta love the location!

Please note that my session fee is for imediate family. Any addiotianl family members will require an additional fee.


Seniors :: 11th & 12th Grade & College Grads

I remember my senior year like it was yesterday. I could slap my mom for not allowing me to go to a pro for my senior pics (love you mom). I had a high school friend take them and missed out on the whole experience of getting glammed up and having my photos taken!  This experience is priceless! I love to photograph seniors in their element. If they are into sports, lets hit the field or the gym. If they prefer to cars, lets hit the road out in the middle of no where and snap a few pics! I truly believe it is important for a child’s Senior photos to represent who they are at this time in their life. The locations are endless.

Engagment :: to be married or just thinking about it

Lets capture the Loooove you have for one another! You find early on in your relationship that most of the photos you have of the two of you are the classic “quick you hold the camera lets put our heads together and smile” self portrait. Put the camera down and allow me to capture more than just your shoulders up!  I love to take couples to the most random and unique places and capture them singing, dancing,  jumping  and showing the love they have for one another. I often travel to out of town locations for these shoots as well so don’t be afraid to ask!  Please note.. I do have a 10 second kissing rule, so start practicing!

Gentelmen.. would you like to surprise her with an engagement?! I also capture the moment you ask her to be yours for forever! contact me for details.


Boudoir :: The sexiest gift you can give

Ahhh I love to photograph women in their sexy element! I often do these in my private studio but also have various private outdoor locations & boutique hotels we can shoot at too!  Feeling a little shy? Bring your girlfriends along and host a boudoir party! I have a great team of ladies to help glam you up for your sexy photo shoot. Please see the investmet tab > Boudoir for more details on these sessions. Also feel free to contact me for more details



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